Couples Guide to Self-Care!!!


I know I can speak for mostly everyone when I say that alone time is one of the most precious things you can have! In our alone time we like to buckle down to get work done, watch our favorite movies or shows, or even practice self-care. I mean your alone time is what you make it to be. Our self-care is usually done in our alone time because that is our time to rewind, reflect, and rechargeHowever, you don’t always have to be alone to take care of yourself. This is a couple's guide to self-care!!! 

When we think of relationships the first thing that may come to mind is romance, and rightfully so. We want to know that our significant other can always feel the fire and butterflies we created for them when we first started dating. Sometimes it’s hard finding something to do with your partner that doesn’t involve money or going out. Even staying indoors to just eat and watch a movie can get boring and old. One way to spice things up and keep the romance going strong between the two of you is by dedicating a day or night to yourself and your partners wellbeing 

There are two ways to do this and do it successfully. You can either partner up to enjoy a night of relaxation and self-care together ORRRR you can set up this relaxation and self-care for just your partner. Either way you’ll both go to bed calm and satisfied either because you spent the day pampering the person you love and got to watch how happy you made them or because you yourself got to enjoy quality time with your significant other while basking in the glory of a massage or hot bath. 

For those who plan on pampering their partner for a day, the first step is to first make sure that you yourself are not in a stressed or negative state of mind. Remember the saying “you can’t take care of anyone else if you aren't taken care of first” (or whatever they said)? Well, that applies here too. Get yourself together first so you have all the energy you need to care for your significant other. You can run a hot shower, prep a nice bath, set up a massage or (if you want more intimacy) massage them yourself, cook a nice dinner, let them ramble on about their day, relax with some background music, and tuck them in with a goodnight kiss and some cuddles. They’ll feel appreciated, loved, cared for, and Zen as can be! 

If you’re looking to enjoy a nice, peaceful moment in time with your partner you want to make sure you're catering to both parties love languages. I suggest taking separate showers and then coming together for face masks and bath time. During bath time you both can talk about your days or your feelings, you can cook something simple and delicious together creating memories of laughter and mess, play a board game together or binge watch your favorite show, turn on some music to dance to or even sing karaoke to, and lastly drink and talk till you pass out in each other's arms!!! 

Self-care is all about finding that time to just press reset and start off fresh both physically and mentally! Why not do that with your partner from time to time? It not only gives you a reset, but it gives the relationship a breath of fresh air, so why not try it out and see what it does for you and your relationship!?

Keep yourself and your partner refreshed with this Couples Guide to Self-Care:

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Written by: 

Chelsie Larose 

Instagram @thatsso_cece 

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