Ever Taken A Self Love Bath???


If you’ve ever taken a bath, you know just how relaxing they can be. A shower is meant to cleanse your physical body but taking a bath, you can always feel it doing more than cleaning your skin! Baths bring out this sense of Zen that you just don’t usually receive anywhere else. So, what about spiritual baths? What are they, what are their purpose, and what can they do for you? 

Spiritual baths are basically baths with major intentions. They’ve been used to cleanse the soul, heal the spirit, and help to clear/ relax the mind. When taking a spiritual bath, there's always an intention, or something one is trying to achieve through this period of relaxation. Special waters, oils, herbs, crystals, incense, candles, flowers, music and intent will be added to different baths for several different purposes. For example, when it comes to a love bath one may add some drops of rose water, a little bit of rose oil, some rose quartz crystals, a few rose petals, candles (pink, red or white), and some R&B music to make their intent of receiving more self-love, love in general, or romantic love stronger.  

The different items added to these baths all serve a different purpose. You are using the energy of these items to help enhance your ability to achieve your set goal for your spiritual bath. There’s no set way to take a spiritual bath, it’s all about what you like, what you prefer, and what makes you feel as relaxed and Zen as possible. The point is to release all the negativity you have encountered in that day, week, month, season or even year. You want to focus on drawing in positive energy while working towards receiving the very thing you set your bath for, whether that be love, money, success, or even protection. 

Let's create our own self-love bath with Soulvenir! 

When prepping for this intentional bath, you want to first cleanse the skin and make yourself feel as comfortable in your birthday suit as possible 

  1. Start in the shower with our Note to Soul Shower Souffle and follow up with our Note to Soul Body Polish to give your skin the tender love and care it’ll need before heading to your bath. These products pair amazingly together to bring your body a glow and softness that is unmatchable! 
  1. Set up your bath and pour some of our Zensation Floral Bath Soak in to ensure your skin receives the best love while you spiritually cleanse. This bath soak will leave your skin smooth, relaxed and ready for bed! This blend of salts, herbs and essential oils help to create that calm environment needed so you can focus on the intensions that matter. 
  1. As your bath comes to a close, be sure to smooth some Self Love Brewing Body SouffleSoulmace Body Milk, or This Is Personal Body Oil onto your skin for a perfect finish to your self- care night.  

Spiritual baths can be made an essential part of your life and self-care routine. They have a great way of bringing out a calm side to you that you didn’t know you needed to see till it happens! It may not seem like your thing at first, but don’t knock it till you try it. Treat yourself and let us know how you like it!


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