Is your Self-Love Brewing?

Whether you're brewing in self-love for 5 minutes or 20 minutes, you are steeping passion, commitment, and love back into yourself. Here are 3 ways to make sure you're constantly brewing in self-love daily!

Tip 1

Embrace and love things that make you different. This is what makes you unique. Love everything about that uniqueness from your hair, skin, nails, body, voice, eyebrows, everything physical and non-physical. 

Tip 2

Take time to calm your mind everyday. Inhale the positivity; exhale the negativity. Clear your mind from things that doesn't serve your mental health. 

Tip 3

Celebrate your wins every single day. No matter how big or small. If you've accomplished something you've been putting off or waiting for celebrate it!

New job? Celebrate!

$5 scratch off? Celebrate! 

Cleaned your car? Celebrate! 

Washed your hair? Celebrate! 

Tip 4 *BONUS*

Sip your favorite tea or coffee with our Self-Love Brewing mug intended to have you brewing your self-love daily. 





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