Eve's Garden: How to Forgive, Love, and Embrace Your Yoni Part 1.


Sis, you are a WOMAN. A woman with a Yoni. She needs to be forgiven and full of love and embraced daily. She's sacred and powerful once you actually tap in. So, lets work towards tapping into you sacred temple. 

But before we jump into that, let's breakdown the word yoni. Yoni is the Sanskrit (Hindu) meaning of "womb"; often interchangeably used for vulva and/or vagina. It is the symbol of the Hindu goddess Shakti and depicts the feminine energy in the Hindu culture. We're almost positive you've seen and/or heard this word a few times in the past 2-3 years. Why? Women across all cultures has been using this word to describe their vagina. To be honest, it adds a little "class" and does not make people uncomfortable when you use the word vagina. Weird right? Oh well! We love that women are becoming more in touch to their vagina and tapping into the power and energy she holds. She’s so powerful and when you understand HER power, life will be a litttttttle easier for you a women, IN OUR OPINION. 

Our yoni is a sacred temple on our body in which it holds so much divine feminine energy, freedom, power, pleasure, and sexuality! Unfortunately, all women do not feel this when they think of their yoni. If you are someone who's yoni hold trauma, sadness, pain, and/or shame, guess what? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! But guess what again....this can be LET GO through the act of forgiveness. 

Forgiving is part of healing and as you are forgiving your Yoni and asking your yoni to forgive you, you'll start to feel free and sexy! You'll even start to feel better when you choose to engage in sexual activities and during your menstrual cycles.

Let's get into 2 simple ways you can forgive your Yoni:

1. Lay down in quiet dark place (light a candle if you'd like) with your hands on top of her. Allow yourself to feel any feelings towards her good or bad for a few mins. Speak to her and allow yourself to feel the sensation and tingling you'll feel as you're connecting to her. Be patient with her. She may be a little shy because you haven't connected with her in this manner before. As you start to connect more and more, breathe in deeply and release slowly. As you are exhaling, begin to imagine and then release the feelings you no longer wish to hold towards her. Release the pain. Release the sadness. Release the trauma. Repeat this often as you need until you feel a relief in your yoni. She will let you know when she starts to feel better, just continue to connect and listen to her. 

2. Write a letter of forgiveness to your Yoni and then read it a loud to her. This sounds weird, huh? We promise this is effective if you really tap in. It's similar to the activity above, but this allows you get more vulnerable through writing. Leave your feelings on how your yoni makes you feel when you think of her, when you look at her, when you touch her, and even when you hear the words yoni, vagina, pussy, and coochie. If you are feeling uncomfortable or triggered, it is for a reason! It's time to forgive and let go. So sis, write your letter, read it aloud, and then burn that shit! Release those feelings because no longer holds any value in your life and yoni. 

After reading this and after doing at least one of the activities, we hope you feel better and begin to feel more connected to your Yoni. Practice these activities as much as you need! Our next Note to Soul we will give you activities to love and embrace your Yoni. 


Xoxo SouLvenir <3


  • by Jaylaun G. on

    ASÉ! Queen, greatly appreciated. I needed this YONI BOOTCAMP and FORGIVENESS. Even more than I was aware!

  • by Henrietta Stuckey on

    Thank you so much! I never thought that my yoni was lacking attention but now that I read this, I feel that yes she has not been getting the attention and care that she has always deserved. I guess it all boils down to me not really knowing how. I thought soap and water and a yearly check-up with my ob-gyn was enough. Thank you so much for this info, It is extremely beneficial and very well said. I am looking forward to this new journey with my yoni❤️

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