Men... Do You Self-Care?

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When you think of self-care, what comes to mind? Probably a young lady wrapped in a towel, another towel wrapped around her head with a glass of wine, and some R&B playing in the background. Or what about skincare? Maybe a lady chilling in the bath while tons of scrubs and body washes sit to her sideBut why is it that every time we think of treating ourselves, we associate it with just the female lifestyle? SELF CARE ISNT JUST FOR WOMEN!!! Now hear me out...  

Everyone aspires to look their best, whether they're a man or a woman. Women simply just happen to take that time out to really cater to the needs of their skin more. Some men have tapped into this realm of bodily care as well, just not enough men do. Skin care is a form of self-care that can make someone feel good on the inside while looking amazing on the outsideWomen are a beautiful creation, but we don’t just wake up looking as great as we do. Us ladies like to take some time to ourselves to really indulge in our beauty. We like to invest in skincare products that are made with our flaws in mind and that we know will not only work to improve our outward appearance but also help us to feel amazing! 

Have you ever seen a couple do facemask together or just have a self-care night? Cute right, and don’t the guys always seem pretty excited or happy? They usually rave about how great their skin looks and feels afterwards. Imagine getting to feel that way about your body all the time by just adding a few daily/ weekly steps into your regimenA scrub that will lift and rid your body of its old, dead, and tired skin. A souffle that will give your skin a warm hug of moisture and maybe even a body oil for that summer glow year-round. What's even better is that you don’t have to smell “feminine” when you start to take your skincare seriously. There are plenty of men's products out there with manly scents and fragrances that aren't too strong, fruity, or flowery (if that’s not what you're into) but just right! 

Men, you need a break just as bad as us women I promise. Why not take that break to truly get yourself right and take care of your skin so that it doesn’t only look its best, but you also feel taken care of by the hands that know you best, your own! Brands like Soulvenir have made it their mission to not leave the men out of this one, so what's stopping you from taking care of yourself? If you ask me, there's nothing better than a man who can take care of himself and as I said, skincare is all a part of self-careHow about this, try some new products and see how you like them before you write off looking great! 


Products to try from our “Him x Soulvenir” collection: 

Good Wood is a body souffle made with Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Mango and a blend of oils all working for the beauty and health of your skinIf you love to wear cologne, this woodsy scent is perfect for you, and a plus... it’s not overpowering!

After 9, made with shea oil, is a body oil scented as a tobacco blend with rose petals and oak aged bourbon for the men who enjoy smoking cigars and drinking whiskey in luxury.

A.M. is a shower souffle made with shea butter, mango butter and cleansing agents to leave your skin glistening in and out of the shower. Our scent is refreshing and perfect for the morning!


Written by: 

Chelsie Larose 

Instagram @thatsso_cece 

Twitter @ThatsSo_Cece 





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