Note to Soul: Take Care of your Soul.

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Our soul deserves to be happy and the best way to reclaim your happiness and take back your power is by taking care of your SOUL. You've heard it plenty of times before, but self-love is really the best love. 

Taking care of yourself is not always easy and simple as it may seem either. In fact, a lot of us fail and neglect the practice and the lifestyle. "Me-time" becomes last on your agenda when it is supposed to be first. Many of us are busy in our careers, parents and/or a spouse, business owners, etc. We tend to put others before ourselves and always being the "yes man".  It can be very draining and exhausting if you're not setting boundaries with other things in your life. 

There are so many ways you can practice soul care, self-care, or self-love. Tailor your practice that best fits your NEEDS, however, if you are a beginner we have some activities/practices to get you started. 

Step 1: Choose a day.

As a beginner, try to dedicate at least ONE day a week of soul care. There are seven days in the week and there has to be AT LEAST one day you can wind down for a few hours. If not, make it happen and mandatory. If you're in a relationship/married, speak to your significant other and ask them to support you. If you have friends who love to be on the "go", speak to your friends about your needs. Sunday is a common day for self-care hence the phrase "Self-Care Sunday", but it does not have to always be that day. Wednesday is SouLvenir's favorite day. Choose your own. 

Step 2: Pick an activity/practice. 

This is a lot of people's struggle when beginning the self-care lifestyle. There are so many activities you can implement in your practice, but here are a few to get you started that we've found work for a lot of people. 

1. Journaling your thoughts

2. Meditation 

3. Relaxing Bath/Shower

4. Exercising/Yoga

5. Going for a walk in nature

6. Burning incense/essential oils for aromatherapy

7. Buying yourself flowers and going on a date with yourself

8. Dancing in the mirror 

9. Eating nutritional meals

10. Writing a love letter to yourself

11. Reading your favorite books/blogs

12. Binge watching your favorite shows/movies/youtube videos

13. Set boundaries


Now that we've helped you choose a day and has given you 12 activities it is time to actually do the practice! Start off with one day and gradually add more days to your regimen. You can start off with at least three activities. Some of them can be done together such as journaling, meditating, and aromatherapy. If this still does not help, check out Pinterest for more activities and ideas. 


-xoxo SouLvenir 

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  • by Dee on

    Self care is one of those concepts that should be a given but with it now becoming trendy it goes to show how many of us aren’t actually making that time for ourselves. I personally love to try to sprinkle a little self-care everyday but that’s a great tip to just pick a day first and cater it to yourself. As long as you remain consistent with that, it will become a habit that you’ll just incorporate all the time without even thinking of it!

    Thanks for this reminder to put me first and that it’s so much deeper than caring for self it’s about taking care of your soul!

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