Note to Soul: When the Seasons Change, You Change! Be prepared. Part 1.


Fall is approaching, which means HOT GIRL SUMMER IS OVERRRRR! Yes, we know that stings a little, but who says you can't have a Cozy Autumn (corny as hell, we know). But seriously, the real reason we are here is to educate you on how the seasonal changes can affect your mood especially as the months become cooler. 

September 23rd is the first day of Fall, which means soon you'll be seeing the leaves changing and falling, days will become shorter (which means less sunlight, yikes), and temperature drop. As you're starting to see the normal changes of Fall occur, if you feel a difference of excitement or mood change as you did for Spring and Summer, take note that it is not your imagination. Disclaimer, everyone does not feel this way, however, there are many people who has difficulty with seasonal changes, such as Summer transitioning into Fall. Scientifically, there is a reason why you feel "down" during the cooler months, so allow us to educate you a little. 

Aforementioned above, seasonal changes does not effect everyone the same way, however, it typical includes a loss of energy, less social with family and friends, loss of interest in most favorable activities, and changes of sleep pattern. So those Hot Girl Summer vibes will vanish, if you are unaware of your body and mood. From our research, we have concluded that the MAIN reason why some of us have this mood shift is because of the LIGHT! YES, SUNLIGHT! Every year, as the cooler months arrives, we lose a lot of sunlight, which means ours days seem shorter and become darker much quicker. We're not able to spend as much time outside to soak in the beautiful sun, which actually sucks A LOT! Our body is simply amazing because it knows when the sun is hiding and not shining onto our skin. Research showed that our bodies have a circadian clock that monitors the changes in the day and literally keeps up with the time, tells us when to feel sleepy, and when to wake up. Most of us probably knew this, but unsure of the name; so now you know! So, when there is less light we lose serontonin, our mood is interrupted, and the circadian clock makes us feel like it's time for "bed" or we become "drowsy" and "sleepy" much sooner. 

NOW, let us say this, for some of us it may be more than a season shift. Some of us may actually be dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as S.A.D. 10 million people in the United States is effected by S.A.D; and it can be treated. So if you're feeling more of depressed like symptoms, but see a local mental health professional to be treated properly. We do not want you feeling alone during this season. (Another disclaimer, our owner is a social worker, which means she is knowledgable in a lot of mental health diagnoses, but please do not take this as being diagnosed with a conditon. Please consult with a LICENSED mental health professional. We simply want to provide information just as Google does.)

For years, if you've been experiencing mood shifts during the cooler months this has a lot to do with it! Our brand is centered around reducing the symptoms of high and lows caused by the seasonal shift through our bath and body products packed with your favorite scents. Also, if you did not know, our owner dealt with these symptoms for many years and cause a lot of seasonal highs and lows and depressed-like symptoms. It was through her self-care and research that helped her overcome it about two years ago. In our next blog, she will tell more of her story and provide ways to fight through the seasonal shift and remain HAPPY as much as possible. It is important to balance your emotions during this season. No Worries, we got you! 

Thank you for reading and we hope this provided you with a little more insight of how seasons can affect your mood! Check back with us on Part 2!

-Xoxo SouLvenir 

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