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When we think of physical health it’s so easy to think of the usual, like the gym or riding a bike, maybe even swimming. What about those things we sometimes think of doing but never get into? Things like yoga, drinking more tea instead of coffee and going for walks. These are all things that can improve your physical health without all the extra activity some of us dread.

Yoga has a great way of stretching your body and releasing built up tension you may have acquired from stress, physical labor, or just improper posture. Releasing this physical tension can also relieve you of mental tension (this I know from experience). Sometimes when we’re stressed or depressed it can be seen in the way we hold our bodies. Releasing this pent-up emotion can help to ease your mental state and allow for some peace of mind. If yoga has been on your mind lately, my suggestion would be to just try it! You don’t have to get all fancy with it, start off simple and see how it treats you both physically and mentally for a week before you make a judgement on it.  

When it comes to a boost of energy, lots of people head over to Starbucks or Dunkin to grab a cup of coffee right? But what about a more natural and less processed alternative? Tea can give you the same positive effects as coffee without the negative effects that may come with it. It's said that coffee can cause things like anxiety, insomnia and agitation. Tea, however, can help to relieve menstrual cramps, reduce high blood pressure, and improve sleep and relaxation. Tea can help improve your physical state internally while also improving your mental state of wellbeing.


Taking a walk..Ahhh how the underrated can help us in more ways than we realize sometimes. Walking regularly can help to lower your blood pressure, shed excess weight, and improve your cardio system! It can also assist in helping your endurance and strength.  

My Advice: Just try it! What's the worst that can happen, you don’t like it? That’s perfectly fine because we’d rather an “at least I tried it,” than a “man what if …" 

So go ahead, try yoga, drink some tea, go for a walk, swim, bike ride... in the end your body will not only thank you, but it will serve you better than it already has been!

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Written by: 

Chelsie Larose 

Instagram @thatsso_cece 

Twitter @ThatsSo_Cece 



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