Note to Soul: Self-Worth vs Their Worth


SELF worth over THEIR worth….

How well do you know your worth? On a scale, 1-10, how much self-worth do you believe you have? How important is your self-worth to you? Think about. Write it down.

Self-worth is how you view yourself and not how someone else views you. How many times have you looked in mirror for yourself and not to think how someone else is going to like your hair? or if your outfit is popping enough for the event you're attending? We have to stop living for people and live for OURSELVES. 

I’ve grown to realize that self-worth should be applied in all components in your life and not just your love life. Think about it. Majority of us work in an environment that we have settled for (including myself) that’s NOT paying us our worth or valuing the work that we actually do vs what we CAN do. Many of us are in friendships, better yet, associationships (I just made this up cause they not really y’all friends..bloop). You KNOW some of these with are not worthy to have you around because many are using you for clout and to help them level up. Many of us are in situationships/relationships with a person who does not deserve us. Telling you this. Telling you that. Stringing you along for months just to hit with the….okey doke. 

Within these relationships in our career, friendships, and romantic relationships, how much are we altering who we really are? Are you becoming who you think they want you to be? You’re feeding them what they believe is worthy and not YOUR worth. You are the catch. Let’s be real, some of us really do not know how worthy we are! That’s the sad part, I am one of those persons. But it’s okay because I’m going to get Shannon RIGHT together.

I am no longer giving myself to people, places, or things that does not deserve me. If we know our self-worth, we will not even allow those things to enter our life. It will literally be a Mr. Brown convo,

"Mr. Brown: I said self.

Self: Self said, hmmm.

Mr. Brown: Does this person, place, or thing deserve any access to me?


As dramatic as that might sound, it HAS to be like that. Most of us are in our 20’s, and we give too much to things that does NOT deserve the slightest bit of attention. It’s true that our 20’s should be our most selfish years and at 25, it’s starting to finally make sense. So ask yourself, is THEIR worth more important than SELF worth? It better not be! Do a quick google search. Read a self-worth/help book. Write in your journal. Do SOMETHING that is going to help you strengthen your worth for these people, places, and things. Set your boundaries and intentions with new things that may enter your life. 

-Xoxo SouLvenir

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