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SPRING TIME IS HEREEEE!!! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the spring is now among us and I know a lot of yall have been waiting. Spring is a time of color, fresh, fruity or floral scents, romance, flowers, and travels. With the pandemic’s shocking arrival in early 2020, more and more of us have learned that we need to take full advantage of our lives and how we live them. We didn’t get to enjoy last spring and so this spring we here at Soulvenir decided it was our job to teach you all how to make the most of this pretty season. Grab a pen and paper because it’s about to get reaaaaal pollinated in here! 

With the coming of spring comes the return of bright colors and we want to see them all, just not at the same time. When it comes to showing off in your favorite colors it's important not to wear them all at once! Pastels are a great way to show off some color without looking too bold and out there. You can even use pastels to make art *wink*.  DO wear pastels for a light pop of color, do NOT wear all the pops of color at once.  

Tis the season to be smelly! Now before you even think about it, no I'm not telling you to be smelly, I’m telling you this is the season of smelllssss. Fresh, floral, and fruity? Those are the scents to look for! We all love a great fresh scent! Whether we’re sniffing our fresh laundry, spraying air fresheneror enjoying the pleasant scent of baby powder, fresh scents feel like home and we want to feel at home no matter where we are or what we’re doing. Floral smells have a way of smelling like a nice spring morning on a sunny day listening to the birds' chirp while watching The Golden Girls with your blinds open to let in some natural lightFruity scents are a classic fan favorite! When the sun pokes it’s little head out, we want to make sure we are giving it every reason to stay out. We can start with making sure we smell our best by using inviting smells like strawberry, coconut, and even something unexpected like pomegranate. DO smell like a fresh basket of eucalyptus coconut, do NOT step outside smelling like a garbage disposal. 

If there's anything this pandemic has taught me, it’s to do the most while I can. So, my advice... go on dates, take that trip, visit a city for a weekend! The spring gives us just the perfect weather to be able to go out and explore the world, we should listen to this season and knock out the things on our bucket lists. DO explore and have fun, do NOT sit at home all day everyday wishing you could do more! 


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Written by: 

Chelsie Larose 

Instagram @thatsso_cece 

Twitter @ThatsSo_Cece 



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