Sunday Reset: Create the Perfect Self Care Sunday!


Sunday Reset; What exactly is that, huh? 

A Sunday Reset is just another fancy way to say you're having a Self-Care Sunday according to social media. Sunday Resets involves you taking an entire day to relax, take care of yourself and home, and handle your business to get ready for the for the week ahead. It makes you feel like you're having a lowkey, yet productive day! I'm sure you've seen the recent social media trends of users drinking tea/coffee, mopping their floor, going grocery shopping at their favorite fresh market, reading their favorite books, scheduling their week, and of course taking long showers with their favorite products! In all honesty, I absolutely love watching these videos because it motivates me to get my Sunday's started and make it productive! 

I'm sure wondering how to build the perfect, not so perfect Sunday Reset, so of course I'll help you get started. 


Here are 7 activities you can build in your Sunday Reset Days! 

1. Create a to-do list: WRITE IT DOWN! I don't know about y'all, but writing things down helps me get sh*t done. Whatever you need to do on your reset day or throughout the week write it down and look at your list in the morning, midday, and before you go to bed. By doing so, this better plans and prepares you for accomplishing your goals throughout the week. 

2. Clean Up, Clean Up: Grab your vacuum cleaner and/or mop, your favorite cleaners, and get to cleaning up your home. It's nothing like finishing up a long day and coming home to a nice clean home. This clean home is going to put your mind at a relaxed state! 

3. Do Laundry: No more scrambling for clothes before work. Empty out that laundry basket and do your laundry TODAY! I'm not sure what you do in your career, but if you do anything like me I wear the same thing for work just about every week. Doing laundry is essential in the beginning of the week because you know exactly what you need to wear for the week. 

4. Go Grocery Shopping: Spend less money on food this week! Go grocery shopping and stock up on your favorite foods to eat. Cook your food at home and enjoy nutritional meals for the week ahead. 

5. Meal Prep: Now that you've gone grocery shopping, meal prep your food! I mean, plan all of your meals and eat it throughout the week. Meal prepping was the BEST thing I  could've ever done. You can save so much money. Plan your meals for 2-3 days if eating the same meal can become tiresome. 

6. Spend time Outside: The sun is bright and ready to shine on you! Get some fresh air outside, take take fruit you just bought, and enjoy the weather. Being outside and breathing in the fresh air will help ease your mind and get your mind ready for the week ahead. 

7. Shower/Bathe and Relax: Grab your favorite body care products, shower essentials, and enjoy a relaxing shower/bath! Start your week off feeling and smelling fresh. Use your favorite cleanser to cleanse and body scrub to exfoliate the last week you had. Moisturize your body to replenish your skin with new and soft buttery skin for the week ahead. You deserve it! 

Bonus: After your shower, do whatever makes YOU FEEL GOOD! If it's dancing, put on your favorite RnB, Hip Hop, Country, or WHATEVER you love to listen to! Dance Dance Dance. If it's reading, read your favorite novel or eroctic/romance book. If it painting, paint something that inspired you. If it's Netflix and Hulu, watch every show/movie you've been waiting to watch! Whatever you want, just do it! 

This Sunday Reset is exactly what you need! Start your week off with having things in order because it will make your week a little smoother. 

Speaking of smoother, here are is our collection of the week that is PERFECT for a Sunday Reset! 

Note to Soul Collection: 

There's nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning feeling refreshed and ready to pamper yourself in your favorite self-care routine. Afterwards, it gives you the vibe of spending alone time, snuggled in your blanket/sheets, and watching your favorite Netflix show. Note to Soul smells like baby powder and fresh linen sheets. Super refreshing and nostalgic like Baby Powder and Fresh Linen. Our Note to Soul collection is perfect for a Sunday Reset! 

Grab this Body Polish and enjoy in your routine :) 

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